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Resources for US Veterans and Families

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Montgomery G.I. Bill

Military Scholarship Finder

Military Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness

Wounded Warrior Project

American Widow Project

Mesothelioma Veterans Center

Pleural Mesothelioma Center

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Thinking about joining?


The Delayed Entry Program (also referred to as DEP and sometimes incorrectly as the Delayed Enlistment Program) is a program under which an individual may enlist in a Reserve or Inactive Component of a military service and specify a future reporting date for entry on active duty in the Active Component that would coincide with availability of training spaces and with personal plans such as high school graduation.

The following service branches offer the Delayed Entry Program allowing recruits to sign up, but delay their actual entry date for up to 365 days:

U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Coast Gaurd

Visit Delayed Entry Program for more detailed informations

Ratings (MOS)

Probably one of the most important things you have to know before you join any service branch. This will determine your work, working hours, working environment, rules, duty watches, other qualifications to obtain, advancements, TADs, Crank that Soulja Boy, and etc.

In the Navy, some ratings can make your life on the ocean easier than other ratings. Some ratings are more physically demanding than others. Some ratings have longer working hours or rotations than other ratings.

No matter what ratings you pick, exception of few, you will learn valuable skills that you could apply in the real world.

What to Bring to the Boot Camp

Here are the lists of items that you should bring to the boot camp. If these lists differ from what you are told – use the list/information your recruiter gave you as the primary guide.

•marriage certificate
•spouse’s and children’s birth certificate(s)
•divorce decree (of both husband and wife)
•court decrees for alimony/child support (THAT’S RIGHT! LOL)
•small Bible, Holy Scripture or other religious articles (if desired)
•prescription or reading glasses or contact lens kit (no prescription sunglasses)
•prescribed medications
•civilian medical records if you have any medical condition that requires treatment
•college transcripts
•certificate of entry (for immigrant alien recruits)
•MAXIMUM of $25.00 cash
•Postage Stamps (suggestion is to bring at least two books of stamps)

Women’s Essentials

Women should arrive in conservative, comfortable slacks or jeans and shirt. No tank tops, halter tops or short-shorts are permitted. Women are also required to bring these items:

•6 white bras (standard white cotton – two should be athletic support)
•6 panties (white cotton)
•sanitary items (as required)
•2 white half-slips
•2 pairs of pantyhose or stockings (skin tone)
•shampoo (in small plastic container)
•a copy of PAP smear if one was performed six months prior to ship date
•If currently using birth control pills, bring the pills and a copy of exam records specifying the type(s) of birth control pills both currently and previously prescribed.

What NOT to bring to the Boot Camp


DO NOT bring anything that is not indicated above (including extra clothes), because they will make you either throw them away or pack them in a box to ship it back to your home. Save yourself from carrying unnecessary luggage.