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Prior to working for this Fortune 500 company, I had many jobs with different companies. My time with these companies were short lived due to their management issues. No matter which company I worked for, I saw similar problems. It was just a matter of severity level.

I worked for a logistic company which delivered orders all throughout Toronto and surrounding area. The work was not bad, but the pay was low; factoring how much physical work I had to put in on top of driving the delivery truck. Within a couple of weeks, I told them that I was going to look for other opportunities because of my pay. Then, they gave me a significant raise since they knew the value of my work ethic and performance. After I was officially hired, they recruited two new employees. They were both much older than me by 15 – 25 years, but they were hard workers and I respected that.

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The company had two old delivery trucks. I drove one to deliver 5 days a week. One day, I was almost done with my delivery route and my truck broke down around rush hour traffic. The truck’s ball joint on the left side fell apart. Luckily, there were no cars behind me and there were no collisions. The next day, they decided to repair the old truck that I drove, and buy a new truck to replace the other old truck.

That sounded like good news since I was not comfortable driving old trucks anymore. I really thought they were going to let me drive that new truck since I had more seniority, and I put in the most work out of them all. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The new truck was given to another employee. I believe the reason was because he was much older than me, and they figured that was the righteous thing to do in their minds.

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A week later, there was one delivery where both trucks were involved to complete. The plan was to go to 3 places together to deliver and split up after to deliver other places in 2 different zones. After we both arrived and delivered the first location, we decided to split up right after since we didn’t really have to go to next 2 locations together. There weren’t a lot of volume of products for us to deliver together. It was unnecessary since we both had 10+ remaining locations to deliver. Also, it was important to avoid Toronto rush hour traffic on 401 from Yonge to Dixie if we wanted to go home on time. You could get f**ked for hours on 401 if you are unlucky.

When I returned to the warehouse after my delivery route, I found out that the other driver who drove the new truck was involved in an accident. He tried to drive through under the driveway overpass of church blindly. He damaged the structure of driveway overpass and truck’s reefer. I knew the managers and owners were very upset because they had just bought this new truck a week before. I saw and felt the anger in their eyes. Then, out of nowhere, they decided to point the finger at me for what just happened with the new truck. They said it was my fault because if we didn’t split up after the first location, that would’ve never happened. Clearly, this didn’t make any sense at all to me. I started to wonder if they were on heroin.

I figured they were just upset about what happened and I thought nothing of it. I went home and returned to work the next day. When I came to work, I had a junior level manager getting on my nerves with this truck accident. He had a close friend type of relationship with the other driver who damaged the new truck, and he was adamant about how this was my fault for happening. He just kept going on and on, and I was not having it. I told them I was done with the company, and he could deliver by himself or have another employee to do it. I received a phone call from one of the owners once I got home. He threatened me to sue me for all the damages that I caused if I didn’t return to work. I laughed as I hung up the phone. I wasn’t going to be fooled by these phony accusations, backlash and propaganda.

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