13. Soul Survivor Locked Up

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When Ford found out Martinez had sex with Rapist, he was upset and somewhat jealous. Things were going awkward at work between everyone involved. Martinez didn’t know what to do but to call the police and report.

My biography, you damn right, the true story

When the police was looking for Rapist, he was on the block with his sausage cocked because he was a rapist. It was another day and another roofie for him in the same apartment complex looking for same victim with same car and same green. He was a juvenile stuck to the R. Kelly-Code. This was his life, and if raping was a battlefield, then he’d earn stripes. Real rapist didn’t budge and he was ready to flip bird at the judge.

Everybody knew his rape didn’t stop when he was trying to make it to the top before his ass got popped. He was on the block, disobeying the law. He was a real G, a rapist from the corporate, pants sagging with his roofie in his drawers. He had to watch every move because police eyes were on him. He had to drive real cool when roofies were on him. Just because he stacked money and spiked roofie in drinks outrageous, the police had him under surveillance. When the police finally located and apprehended Rapist, he said to himself,

“Please Lord, don’t let me go to jail tonight.”

Unfortunately, like a pig, the police locked him in a cage. The same rapist that was a manager when you put him on corporate stage. The corporate first feed him the victims, then threw him in jail. That night Rapist couldn’t sleep, he was living in hell.

Tryin’ to find the motive

He was used to living luxurious. He didn’t want to live there. The walls were gray and the clothes were orange. He missed his All You Can Eat buffet VIP membership because the food was garbage. He was locked up and they wouldn’t let him out. He got popped for a rape attempt, and he hoped they didn’t take it to a further extent.

Now that Rapist was locked up, he had to rep CJN. So he was going to ride or die and keep calling Rabbit to bail him out instead of his wife. After many attempts, he was able to get in touch with Rabbit. She agreed to pick him up early in the morning. His belly was getting empty. His cellmates were getting food without him. He couldn’t wait to get out and move forward with his life. He had a weird wife that loved a rapist and wanted him to do right. The jail stressed him out, and he couldn’t wait for the next day when they let him out.

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