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While I was in my physio rehab and getting ready to move in Toronto, Many managers and employees from other states were already in NY to prepare for the opening of new building. Most of them were from NY, NJ, VA, and PA, and majority of them never worked with each other in the past.

Some managers and supervisors decided to get together one night for a drink or two. Since almost everyone was new in town, they wanted to get to know each other and bond with one another. During this gathering, they decided to work together to improve their way of life. With manager titles by their side and strength in numbers, they joined voices to lend a hand to help stroking each other. A generation full of degenerates united and became a part of Circle Jerk Nation.

Circle Jerk Nation was an alliance whose sole purpose was to promote each other no matter what within the corporate ladder by being in a circle and stroking each other to the maximum. Not everyone was qualified to join this prestigious club regardless of social injustice. It was near impossible to join the nation without having special oral skills or not knowing how to apply lubes properly. And if a person was against the alliance, but somehow luckily invited to the circle, he/she usually had to partake in stroking activities because of money, position, and job security.

Almost everyone in the company wanted to be a part of Circle Jerk Nation. It was a powerful alliance which only the chosen few could decline and walk away from. People would sell their souls and justify their actions to be a part of this alliance in order to climb the corporate ladder or just to keep a job.

Unlike others, I never cared to join this alliance for job titles or job security. I only cared about getting more money; not because I just wanted more money, I wanted more money based on my value compared to countless perpetual underperforming waste of payrolls in the company. I thought I should receive $5 from each employee’s paycheck in the department.

Another reason why I didn’t really want to join was because I was afraid to become like one of them by association. Also, at the same time, I wasn’t going to put myself in situations where I was going to be threatened or forced to perjure to cover up stupidities of Circle Jerk Nation.

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