06. Nobody Does It Better

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I was one of the best when it came to getting the job done all day and night. The other employees can come closer than close; but one of the best, they never will be. And my performance review time came, the department manager told me that I was one of the best he has ever worked with. However, on the paper, that wasn’t the case. Basically, he copied and pasted some typical BS from the manual or someone.

The review wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t say anything about me being one of the best. I was sitting there tripping. My mind was blocked. It didn’t make sense to me at that moment. But later on, I realized that they didn’t want me to leave to another location. These guys were already in 10+ years with the company. They knew exactly how transfer system worked, and also what employees would do to move up or get more hours.

One day, I was sent to another location 10 miles away to cover some employees who were attending their co-worker’s funeral. Once I arrived, I did my job same as usual. Then, a manager approached me to tell me that I should transfer to his location. He gave me his number to call when I was ready. However, he could only offer guaranteed part time hours, and I didn’t see any reason why I was going to make that move.

As time went on, my saving was depleting quickly in order to support working continuously with the company. Part time hours wasn’t going to cut it. I knew I had to do something because ain’t nobody was quitting or retiring. I decided to look into the US transfer since the overall market was much larger than Canada. I started to put in my transfer requests to admin office to send out to the US counterpart.

I waited and waited. No answer or a rejection letter. Then one day, I saw a new location opening in New York which was not too far away from Toronto. I knew that was my best shot because I knew most employees didn’t want to move too far away from their big cities. I told myself that if that transfer didn’t work out, then I would had to quit and look for another avenue.

Soon after putting in my transfer request to New York, a senior manager tried to write me up with some stupid BS. Managers wanted to portrait me as a bad guy on my file, but I made sure that they had the story straight. Normally, they wouldn’t care about petty things, but they also probably knew I had a high chance of transferring to New York. I guess it was the time for desperate measures. If they wanted to step to me, they had to keep in mind that nobody did it better than me.

I waited for a response from the regional headquarter. I didn’t get a phone call and there was no rejection letter. I thought it was strange, so I decided to call the headquarter myself. When I finally spoke to a woman in charge of the situation, she told me that she never received my transfer request. Then she told me to send my transfer request to her myself by email.

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Soon the US headquarter contacted my building in Canada, and basically told them that I was coming to America. They were surprised that I was able to pull this one out under their noses. They tried to keep me by not sending my transfer requests at all because nobody did it better. Truthfully, for the most part, I loved working there with so many good employees. Few managers I didn’t care for, but overall I didn’t mind working there. I would’ve stayed if they had given me what I needed from the start. They were really serious about that seniority life unfortunately. No matter what, I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows. If I fail, if I succeed, no one can’t take away my dignity.

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