11. No Means No Guest House

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This hexagon love affair was getting heated up real fast. That made my work even more difficult because these guys were more focused on CJN parties and f**king at night. And I had to pick up their slacks almost everyday while the three musketeers and Triangle Offense were about to have 72-10 season of doing their usual bullshit.

Ford made passionate love to Martinez one night, and during his maximum climax, he forgot his [][][][] [][] [][][][] [][][] and be strong. This resulted in Martinez being out of work at times due to her sickness and eventual abortion. Then, Rapist somehow convinced Martinez to move in with him and wife in his guest house. That made Beiber upset because he was sharing the apartment with Martinez at the time.

eyes wide open hustlenometry

There was a gathering in the crib on a rainy night, Rapist was chilling with American drapes hanged from the ceiling. There were Oriental rugs and Moroccan sofas. He walked through the house in robes and loafers. Then he approached Martinez and said with his hand going up on her leg,

“If you really want it baby, show me. In your eyes, I see where I want to be. You were heaven sent here just for me.”

I thought you really love me when you told me

[Martinez] “No.”

[Rapist] “But I really wanna hit it girl.”

[Martinez] “No means no.”

[Rapist] “I can do it for a minute girl.”

[Martinez] “No means no.”

[Rapist] “I just want to get up in it girl.”

[Martinez] “No means no.”

Rapist walked away and got back to his plan to have her. Then Rapist just seasoned Martinez’s drink with roofie. An hour later, rain was coming down loco. People were watching BBC, eating Don Miguel mini tacos. Beiber was on the couch hitting the chalice; checking his texts and out of nowhere, his sausage was hard as a callus. He stood up, pulled back his sleeve, and checked his watch. Then he said,

“Where the, f**k is Martinez? It’s 12 o’clock on the dot.”

Please check the number or try your call again

He was very impatient and getting nervous. He couldn’t stop pacing.
His heart was racing. Her Verizon didn’t get no service. Since 7 o’clock, she has been gone for hours. He jetted up the steps to the master suite, checked the shower. Nope, all that was there was towels and soap. His stomach was nauseous and caught a big lump in his throat. Few feet from the guest house was where he stopped. Beiber said in his heart,

“Hope she’s OK.”

As he got closer, something ain’t kosher. He heard a bunch of squeaky sounds from the house he didn’t think he was suppose to.

“Is this the end of the Beiber’s regime? Let me find out somebody on my ground is pounding my queen,” he said to himself and opened the door.

[Beiber] “Yo, I’m going to kill you!”

[Rapist] “Hold on, cuz. Let me explain, you are over reacting, that’s not what it was.”

[Beiber] “Shut the f**k up, you got caught moaning with your cock up. Eyes all red, What? Did you just blaze up?”

[Rapist] “She is a trifling ass chick, don’t act like it’s all my fault. Do you want to go halves on a rape charge?”

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