20. It’s So Hard

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Regardless of scandals and problems, the business and the show had to go on. The business didn’t stop no matter what. There were a handful of employees who had to do much more to pick up the slack of others. Most of them were immigrant descendants from different countries. It was funny to watch how everything unfolded with the rape incident, but it was so hard for these employees to deal with so much bullshit.

That was the downfall of 3-1-5 operation model. For every 3 useless or less than mediocre workers they hired, they hired 1 worker who had to do 5 different things with 5 times more workloads 5 times faster when others were chatting up and jacking off each other.

The corporate eventually appointed a new GM named Allen from Connecticut to the building, and brought Geller back from the other location close by. Geller wasn’t too happy about returning back to this building. She approached me one day and told me that the change was coming. Whether I believed it or not, I had no other choice but to stay for awhile and watch.

Allen was much more personable as a GM than Rewind. But at the end of the day, he was just another snake from different habitat. They were all sly enough to get away with murders by playing on other people’s emotions, promotions, lying, manipulation, and job security threats. One thing was for sure, they tried their best at hiding their true intentions.

Not you again. Go that way.

With sales growing every quarter, it was time to hire more employees. Out of many newly hired employees, there were a couple of young kids who Laurent wanted to take under his wing and groom them to be his apostles. They were brand new, so they naturally thought whatever Laurent said was the best way to go about to get the job done. I didn’t mind it as long as I didn’t have to be the rescue team for their f**k ups. Unfortunately, this brought many inefficiency issues, and these MFs were looking at me to fix their mistakes by putting more workloads on me.

One day, the corporate wanted to push a campaign which promoted healthy living for everyone. It was about tackling a nationwide obesity problem within the corporation. The corporate probably found out how much money was spent on health insurance and how much time was lost due to medical issues with countless employees. With this in mind, some members of PSU decided to volunteer and lose weight. Laurent and Plump were trying to lose a hundred pounds. It was hard work. They were trying to live and doing their best to lose weight by going to the gym, but it was so hard to not quit and just eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat some more.

And that wasn’t the only thing that was so hard for Laurent and his apostles. It was so hard for them to not think about penetrating female employees because their dicks were so hard. Especially, Laurent wanted to f**k other employees’ wives and take their lives, and it was so hard for employees to let Laurent slide. However, women of true thoroughbreds weren’t going to fall for Laurent’s Indecent Proposal. And no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t going to be f**king their wives, taking their lives, and he had to just walk on by.

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