19. I’m Still 99.9% Not A Playa

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Another aspect the corporate cared about was market penetration. However, market wasn’t the only thing some male managers were penetrating 99.9%. They took this penetration thing 99.9% maximum to their hearts and literally penetrated any female employees who would give it up 99.9% out of the time for their job security and promotions.

I bring the pain like Method

These managers were not playas, they just penetrated a lot by using their manager titles. A few managers were far from handsome and too chubby, but since having manager titles, incompetent and lazy female employees had nothing but love for them. It didn’t matter if they were married with wives and kids. I thought it had to be some kind of tradition that passed down for generations within the circle of managers. I never understood how difficult for some of these male managers to go home and just f**k their wives instead of trying to penetrate female employees from work. I mean, f**king had to be a part of the marriage deal, right?

As for me, I was minding my own business and doin’ my thing because I was the king of the Hip-Hop quotables, giving them multiples. I knew who I was and how my life was during and after high school. I wasn’t a popular high school jock, but I had a healthy social life. Popularity contest at work using job titles or whatever wasn’t my interest and personal or business priority.

The strategy was simple to these managers with years of experience in my opinion. First, they assessed the size of potential market. Once they penetrated prospects successfully, they calculated the percentage of female employees remain untapped. And if they determined that numbers indicated the potential for growth of their sausage penetrations, they would use whatever they could to increase and share their pussy market. And all they had to do was holler because it didn’t cost them a dollar.

Boricua, morena. Boricua, morena. Boricua, morena.

They loved from butter rican to blackberry molass’. They didn’t discriminate. They regulated 50 shades of asses as long as female employees open wide and pass their tests. Some preferred fat sagging breasts and low intelligent bachelorettes because that was the best. And other managers didn’t settle for less because they wanted to get a short brunette with unforgettable sex.

It didn’t matter what kind of pussy. It was like a pussy blow out sales from dusk till dawn for some of these managers. They wanted white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, fat pussy, deformed pussy, 4 eyed pussy, post 5+ childbirths loose pussy, part time pussy, limited part time pussy, seasonal pussy, no returns after 90 days pussy, and etc. They were like pussy shoppers with exclusive memberships taking advantage of pussy sale by the bulk. If they bought one piece of pussy at the regular price, they got another piece of pussy of equal or lesser value.

Listen to the words I manifest, the moment of truth have cats stressed

Some male managers I knew acted like bitches without and with breasts. Some dick riding employees would buy latex in bulk because their flesh got burnt up during the process. 99.9% of employees who didn’t have brain, work ethic, talent, and common sense, sucked dick 99.9% more or less . Biters tried to emulate my alchemy and got poisoned by the chemistry when sucking dick and overeating was the number one cause of injury and efficiency. Whether inside or outside of workplace, it wasn’t hard to tell that 99.9% of them ain’t shit without their manager positions. That being said, imagine what they would do and how far they would go to keep their jobs or managerial positions for the love of sex and money.

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20. It’s So Hard