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I woke up just like any other mornings. I took a shower and then I made myself a smoothie juice to drink before work. I walked outside of my apartment and hopped in my car. Within a minute of driving, I realized that something was wrong with my car. It wasn’t rolling smoothly as usual. It felt off balance. I parked my car and looked at my wheels. I found out my tires were slashed by somebody. It wasn’t difficult to tell by the size of slashes. I was immediately upset and heated by what I just discovered.

Then my mind turned into an investigative report. I was trying to figure out who could’ve vandalized my car. At first, I thought maybe it was just a random jackass. But then again, this was unusual based on how my tires were slashed. It was huge slashes too. People don’t carry big knifes or tools for no reason. And a similar incident happened before while I was at work after when I had an argument with another employee who was in my department. And later that day, once I found out that Junkie was arrested for grand larceny, I knew Junkie had something to do with vandalizing my car.

Junkie was an interesting character. I couldn’t describe it, but there was something off about her from the start. It all made sense in the end once I found out that she was a heavy drug addict. I had no idea that she was at work flying high to the moon on chemical drugs most of the time. I got to give the credit where it’s due. If there was an award at work for the best functioning drug addict of the year, she took that award home with no competition.

I thought I told you that we won’t stop

She was always strung out for another taste of drugs. All the money in the world couldn’t even amount to a teaspoon of drugs melt in her mouth. It was only thing she wanted to do. She was dying and crying for it. Plus, she was careless, lazy, and very good at brown nosing to managers and others. Everybody loved her because of that. However, none of that innocent country girl charm worked on me.

Eyes Wide Open Triangle Offense

Junkie had 2 other employees, Lefty and Swift, who she spent most of her time at work with. Lefty was another lazy employee who did less than bare minimum and loved watching Food network channel on TV at work.

Swift was a typical high school graduate pretty girl who would complain about her parents not giving her enough freedom. I had to explain to her that she was very lucky to have them as her parents because if I was her father, she would be locked up in the house until she is 30 or 40 years old.

She had a lot of potential to be a productive employee. Swift would work well even on her own, but that was all over once she was joined and influenced by Junkie or Lefty. They were like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman in Triangle Offense of chatting and not doing shit at work. And other people picking up their slack never ever was so sweet.

honey sucker hustlenometry

Lefty was the one who would distract other employees while working. She would just talk and talk with other employees when she was at work. And when she was not talking to other employees, she was on the phone talking to her friends. Managers knew it, but they left her alone because she was great at brown nosing. It looked like most of these managers were feeding off on these affections because they couldn’t get any action or respect without having manager titles.

They could hardly wait for me to do almost everything every night and day because they got a dependency. They figured everything would be OK as long as they can have me when they want me by simply asking me to be there to do everything. I was the one they came running when shit hit the fan because how I got the job done was far beyond compare.

Don’t complicate it

Not long before my car was vandalized, we were joined by a new supervisor named Rabbit from another department. She was a new hire from another competitor that was located close to our company. Rabbit was originally from Long Island, NY. She was a physically attractive woman compared to some other women at work. Pretty much all male employees were weak at their knees. They have been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars. They followed her through the dark because they couldn’t get enough. She was the medicine and the pain, the tattoo inside their brains. It was obvious that she was making the typical them break their typical rules. They were suckers for her. Pretty much all of them were suckers for female employees who were good at flattering.

When she became our supervisor for the department, I was happy because I was tired of working alongside with the Triangle Offense. I thought that nothing will change unless we had someone who was different than the previous supervisor. I decided to talk to her for the first time within a few days in our department.

“I am happy to see that you are our new supervisor. Do you have what it takes and make tough decisions to run this business?”

“Yes, I believe I have what it takes.” She said.

“In that case, I’m going to tell you right now. Lefty and Junkie have to go. We need to get rid of them in order to improve and get better in our department.”

“Well, that’s not up to me. That’s ultimately GM’s decision.” Rabbit said it with a tone and a facial expression like she was against it.

She was right. It was ultimately up to GM’s decision. However, with all the fuck ups, it was not difficult to build a legitimate case of why Junkie and Lefty should go do something else. I couldn’t care less if they had to give handjobs for money. Nonetheless, I had a feeling that Rabbit was not a type of leader I would want to work with in any business. Eventually, she would go on to prove me time after time that I was right on.

Within a week, it was easy to tell that Rabbit and Lefty became very close because they were both having relationship issues with their boyfriends. And they formed an unwavering close bond with each other like Maverick and Goose. That’s when I had a feeling that this “Danger Zone” was going to turn out to be the worst shit show ever.

I like that

Though I was slowly losing my motivation since the day one of my transfer, that was the starting point of my motivation to go to work declining real fast. Everyday I woke up, I had to fight internally for about 15 to 30 minutes to convince myself to go to work.

I didn’t know much about Rabbit when she was in another department. I initially thought the management rotated her to my department to break down and smooth things out. But once I started to work closely with her, it was clear to me that I needed to leave there abruptly. She didn’t do much other than talking to other employees and looking at a computer most of her day. It got to the point where another employee who worked with her closely told me that she had to be a computer programmer, not a supervisor.

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