03. Hail Mary

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Few weeks later, I found out a demo product was missing. I approached a manager named Ford to discuss about the situation since employees were the ones who had access to demo products. He said the management knew about it and they were actively investigating.

Around that same time frame, I started to notice something unusual. Junkie was taking initiative and working with passion and focus for the first time. Then, I also saw Lefty doing the same in a similar fashion. I thought this had to be a miracle. I was about to sing Hallelujah. However, I was curious. I just couldn’t understand why they suddenly decided to take initiative and started to actually work like they cared. There had to be something and I had to find out because it was eating me alive inside.

One morning, Junkie decided to take initiative again and clean the area full of products. Then she changed some product signs. This was extremely strange to me since she never did this before when we were working the same shift. On top of that, I knew that there was no reason to change those signs because I looked into the system. It was strange to me to say the least.

I approached another manager named Red who was in the admin office. I briefly told him what was going on and how it didn’t make sense. Then he said that maybe she just realized and decided to be a productive worker. I thought to myself that there was no way. The transformation from a lazy shit worker to a competent hard worker doesn’t happen overnight. I showed Red on the computer that there was no need for changing any signs. I persisted and urged him to take a good look at what was going on.

Next day, after doing some research and investigation, they found out that about $13,000+ amount of products were missing. Security cameras showed how she was stealing. She didn’t even try to be discreet when she stole products. I was stunned because Junkie was stealing for about a month. If I didn’t intervene, she would’ve stolen over at least $40,000 by the time of next audit. That incident made me realize that many managers in that building were full of shit and full of themselves.

After what I heard, I approached Rewind, the GM, to ask what and how it went down. He didn’t really explain much. He just thanked me and told me that I was able to catch on to it because I was in the military and I came from Canada. (Canada was one of the top performing region in the company.) He thought my military and Canadian background was the reason, but that wasn’t the whole case. He just didn’t want to admit that he hired or promoted a bunch of idiots with no real solid credentials to operate the business. Or maybe he was too emotionally attached to these incompetent employees he hired or promoted.

This incident proved to me that I was working with a bunch of dirt bags. Up until that point, I at least gave a benefit of doubt that the people in charge were actively doing what they were suppose to do as managers or supervisors.

The next day, a senior manager named Laurent thanked me for catching the thief. I wasn’t too surprised about the fact that this happened under his watch. He had to be a dumb ass to not realize what was happening in his department. Laurent was a part of many factions. Notably, He was the chairman of the board in Big Women Fetish Club, and this guy was a textbook example sucker when it came to any female with flattering tendency. This guy would talk to female employees for hours. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why his first marriage failed.

But you and I know what’s goin’ on

Laurent was a Sunday church man who thought he was a saint anointed by the god. But, many of us, real ones, knew he was not the saint that he pretended to be. Hiding behind the god or Jesus wasn’t going to make him a saint in front of our eyes. He was the prime example why I didn’t go to church. He was a type of guy who would try to look cool and act tough in front of others by using his job title. It didn’t take too long for real ones to see through his snake tendency nature. He looked like Larry Holmes; flabby and sick, and tried to player hate on anyone who was younger and better than him.

I had other hourly employees came up asking how I was able to figure out and catch Junkie. I never explained them how. Then I started to find out about Junkie’s drug addiction and how she used to just leave during her shift from work to get drugs. She even prostituted herself to a manager named Bieber to support her drug habits. Some employees knew a lot about her by being from the same town. However, no one cared to tell anyone about her. Eventually, Junkie was fired, and got arrested for grand larceny.

I thought to myself that things were going to get better from then on against all odds. But I was wrong. I was so dead wrong. By doing what I did and catching Junkie, I became the enemy of the management in many ways even though I was the most valuable employee by far in many aspects.

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