14. Fat Boy Fantasy

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Rabbit came to the jail to pick Rapist up in the morning. When Rapist was finally free and saw Rabbit, he said,

“Keeping it real, girl! The shining star, you’re my shining star, girl!”

I wanna make you smile

“Big boy don’t lose your mamas. I heard the things you said. I see the things in you ah. Come with me fat boy ah. And I’ll be there for you ah. Hey fat boy, I wanna make you smile. Hey big boy, come play with me for a while,” she said.

He explained what happened with Martinez as they were driving away. He told Rabbit that he was innocent. Then he started to talk about text messages and phone calls from Martinez. However, that wasn’t enough for him to get off easily from his rape charge. Rapist was absent at work to deal with his wife and family for a couple of days after his release. Now that Rapist was free, he wanted to jump around and go uptown, downtown, around the town.

Based on the outcome of what happened, it looked like the corporate was in full effect to protect the members of PSU. The corporate had an ingenious idea. They had to protect their assets. They realized that members of PSU are putting the money back in the company by buying products and eating a lot. Therefore, even if the company raise a dollar or two in wage, it doesn’t really matter because it is all going right back to the company’s bottom line. This explained the reason for frequent promotions of PSU members to full time hours and management roles.

After realizing this trend within the management and the corporate, Rapist said to himself,

“In London, Canada, New York, Chinatown, Jamaica, Miami, Texas, LA, Washington, Detroit, they want a fat boy now!”

When he returned to work after some under the table shady dealings of his mentors of family tree within the management, he walked slowly with a smirk and yelled,

What you gonna do when you get out of jail?

“Yo, New York in the house. Is New Jersey in the house? Virginia in the house. Miami, are you in the house? Pittsburgh, are you in the house? Sacramento in the house. Philadelphia, are you in the house? Vermont, are you in the house?”

He was happy to be free. He started to explain his side of what happened with Martinez to his disciples at work. Then his disciples told everyone about the rape incident. According to his words, they had a consensual sex. But according to Martinez, she was drugged and raped by Rapist. Truth be told, I didn’t believe Rapist at all because why would Martinez fool around sexually with Rapist in the first place? There were too many unanswered questions and holes in their story. Whatever it was, this wasn’t just a simple game of hot potato.

That was when I finally understood why I didn’t see Rapist and Martinez for awhile at work. I was tired of carrying them and picking up the slack with no help. I thought that maybe this incident would straighten Rapist out with his half-ass work ethic and focus. However, this moron was living in a fantasy as days went by.

Because of a pending rape charge and restraining order, the corporate had to readjust schedules and positions to accommodate Martinez. But that wasn’t the only issue because Beiber didn’t want to work with Rapist also. Eventually, they decided to swap Rabbit with Martinez.

The day Rabbit joined my department, it looked like Rapist and Rabbit went back like babies with pacifiers. When Rabbit walked by everyday talking sweet and looking fine, Rapist got kind of hectic inside. Rapist was so into her now. Images of rapture and roofie crept into him slowly as she was going to his head. And his heart beat faster when she worked with him over time and time and time again.

If you only knew

I was f**king pissed. They were always talking to each other for hours instead of actually supervising and managing the department. They would always take minimum 2 hours lunch breaks talking to each other and eating. And that was only time I saw burning fire and passion in Rapist’s eyes. He didn’t give a f**k much about anything at work unless it was eating and talking to Rabbit. He definitely proved with no doubt why he was the VP of Operation for PSU. Watching Rapist eating was like watching a zombie eating dead corpse in episodes of Walking Dead. If I was a casting director for zombie TV shows or films, he would definitely have a long lasting career as a zombie eating dead corpses.

It was sweet for Rapist. He was in heaven with his food and laughing Rabbit. There was no beginning and there was no end. Rapist had no remorse whatsoever. This guy was telling me to pick up his slack and fix his mistakes, so he could eat and talk some more with Rabbit. As far as I was concerned, he wasn’t a manager to me. He had no legitimate credentials in my eyes to work with me. From that point on, he didn’t exist in my world inside or outside of work.

This f**kery and mockery were getting out of control as days went by. Rapist was gone again because of his maternal leave. I didn’t know if this guy was trying to outf**k everybody and imprint his degenerate DNA all around the world. I couldn’t understand how and why Rapist was ever promoted when cleaning shitters of his own shit was all he was good for. I thought the person who recommended or promoted Rapist had to be smoking crack while shooting up heroin.

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