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It was a constant battle of favoritism and clashing of egos in the building. With Laurent’s recommendations, many female members of PSU were promoted to full time hour positions where physical work wasn’t required for the most part. Seniority didn’t matter at all. CJN would just copy and paste random generated reasons from the manual to deny other employees who deserved to be promoted. In worst case scenarios, they would just say “because of business needs.” And sometimes, they would say “Don’t have transferable skills to the management.” which was somewhat true since not everyone had blowjob skills to climb the corporate ladder. Even after the Junkie theft and rape incident, nothing was changing, and my situation was getting worse by the hour.

One night, I was assisting a client with an unfinished business needs. On my way back to my department, I heard Laurent calling my name. I walked over to where he was slowly because of my sudden leg soreness. He was standing with Plump, and he complained that I was taking too long and I shouldn’t walk slow. I didn’t understand what his beef was. With my hit and run injury, I was still faster than him and 85% of employees in the building. So I teased him with a joke and told him to call me and let me know how it feels after when he gets hit by a vehicle.

Laurent had no sense of humor about himself. He was so sensitive about his self-image in front of his BWF sinful lovers. He wanted to look like Million Dollar Man and Macho Man altogether in front of Plump, and f**k her like a savage after work. So he started to talk nonsense to me like I gave a f**k about what this snake had to say. He told me that he could fire me, but he was doing me a favor by keeping me in the company because I couldn’t go anywhere and do anything else. When he asked me where I was going to go and do what, I replied as I walked away with a laugh,

“Wherever I gotta go and whatever I gotta do.”

Laurent had to be stupid to think that I was cut from the same cloth as him. It was getting to him that I didn’t respect his manager title like how others would bend over with Vaseline by the bulk. As far as I was concerned, I was the department regardless of what was said or written. I knew his repertoire of bullshit and snake moves. His manager title didn’t mean much to me because respect was earned and not given in my world no matter how many times he f**ked big girls.

F**k you

Laurent just wanted f**k big bitches. Now he was all up in Plump’s ass and other bitches. Plump was a big bad girl, and he wanted to spank her. She had the number, it was on her to make the call. Laurent came over quick, so she can suck his balls. She was a virgin, that’s what she said. So he gave her some Hennessy, she gave him some head. He f**ked her on the floor so he wouldn’t mess up her bed. Then he put his dick on her head.

After he was finished with Plump, Laurent couldn’t also stop thinking about Gold Digger. He wanted to give GD the number to his cellular phone. So he could take her home and give her a bone. Before the corporate blowing up his pager and shit was getting major, a favor for a favor, his dick was what he wanted to give her. He just wanted to f**k her. He wanted no touching, rubbing, kissing, and hugging because she had a husband who could tell if her pussy has been tampered with.

Gold Digger also had mutual feelings for Laurent. She knew he was under a lot of pressure at work. She did understand, and Laurent had no idea how much she understood. He also didn’t have any idea how much she loved him. She loved him so much. She thought about feeling him in her arms. She missed him terribly at times when she was lonely at home. She loved him so much that she would do anything. She wanted to be his perfect woman for him even if she had to leave her husband.

It was obvious that Laurent was getting closer and closer to Plump and Gold Digger. He loved chatting with female employees, but he really enjoyed more chatting with women from PSU because of his fetish. He would often talk to Plump and GD for hours. At times, he wondered if these women could tell he was hard.

I love when you shake it like that

When he was working with anyone of them, he got so excited. He tried, but he couldn’t fight it. They were working real close, plus it was real real slow. They were making his dick hard for him. With all the help they requested while wearing clothes like they were naked, it was almost like they were sexing. He liked it. He couldn’t deny it, and he knew they could tell he was excited. When they were standing close together with Laurent, they always felt a little poke coming through on him. He knew they felt it, but he couldn’t help it because of what he wanted to do.

The next day, Plump was out for revenge to get me for teasing Laurent. I was picking up other employees’ slack as usual. And it was Rewind and Laurent who asked me to finish the job that others couldn’t. I had to use an equipment I was not certified to use. However, I already knew how to use it and also it was more than safe to do so. Because I was focused on what I was doing, I didn’t noticed that Plump was on my tail and surveilling my movements. Then, she yelled and told me to come to the office to be written up.

That snaky move was one of their repertoire. They would always pick and choose based on who, what, and when. If you were not an affiliate of CJN, you were always going to be battling these tactics. If they felt you were a threat to their job securities or promotions, they would start a paper trail to eventually terminate you with a bad file. Your future didn’t matter to them because they were already in the CJN gang with their retirement plans, and that was all that mattered. If you were an affiliate of CJN, they would redact the data or keep things on a hush to avoid suspensions and terminations of their favorites. Sometimes managers would write employees up to make sure people didn’t get transferred or promoted. They would do this to keep their best employees in order to continue their exploitations. And if their best employee caught the play and didn’t perform as usual best, they would start a paper trail to eventually terminate him/her to replace with next victims.

A couple of days later, I sent an email to VP who was in charge of the region detailing about vandalism on my car and also potential threats derived from being the point man on catching Junkie for her theft. The VP was already annoyed by the rape incident between Rapist and Martinez because he had to fly out to attend their court hearings. I requested to be evacuated from the building immediately. However, he told me that he couldn’t do it, and I had to keep applying for new openings.

The next day I found out that CJN concocted a plan to keep quiet about my role and accomplishment in Junkie theft case. Rewind wrote a report to his bosses stating that it was Rabbit who intervened Junkie’s theft. Some managers were scared and some were angry that I went above them and talked to the VP. Regardless of what they thought, my mission was to escape that building one way or another. Plus, if I hadn’t, I would’ve never found out what really happened. That was when I started to see the true colors of these people.

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Weeks later, I found out that the VP was visiting my building again. This time it was because of middle finger photos on Plump’s Facebook profile. An anonymous employee reported photos of Plump and few other managers flipping birds at work with clients in the background. I guess I wasn’t the only one who had an issue with Plump at work. Why did Pump post those pictures of flipping birds? I guess she was about that Thug Life. The headquarter sent the VP to investigate and punish Plump and other managers. During the investigation, Plump cried a river in front of the VP and ended up getting a slap on the wrist.

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