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I wasn’t in a hurry to find another job after quitting from that logistic company. I didn’t want to end up at another bullshit company and go through the same thing. I was lucky enough to work at a couple of companies for years that I didn’t have to experience about 95% of dumb shit I’ve seen and experienced at other companies. Therefore, I knew that those good companies existed. It was just a matter of what type of leaders and employees were in charge to operate the business.

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One day I was on my way to a store from my friend’s apartment. I saw a job posting for one of Fortune 500 company. I told myself why not apply for it. At this point, I was ignorant as to what they paid their employees compared to other competitors and such. I cleaned up my resume and went to a small office not far from the construction site of new building in progress. I dropped off my resume and waited for my phone to ring. A few days later, I finally received a call and they asked me to come in for an interview. I dressed up sharp in my Armani suit for my job interview. A couple of days later after my interview, they called me to let me know that I was hired. They wanted me to come in for an orientation which was about a month before the grand opening of the new building.

During the orientation, they gave employee hand books to all newly hired to read. Then we watched and listened the admin manager’s presentation. The presentation was about the culture, policies, pay, benefits, and etc. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to stay with the company for too long initially. I was thinking maybe about 1 year or 2 years top until I found myself a better opportunity. However, that plan changed once I read that hand book regarding how they paid their employees. Basically, if you worked full time for 5 years, you will get paid minimum $21+ per hour. But if you are a part time worker, that top rate pay will take about 8 – 10 years. And then there was bonus after about 7 – 8 years of working full time. Based on that, I figured this might be a good place to work.

The first day at work, we were assigned to set up the building. The next day, I didn’t see a lot of people that I saw the day before. Basically, the person in charge of the floor cut them because either they were too slow or didn’t have a sense of urgency. It could’ve been different reasons. Maybe it wasn’t the type of workload people were comfortable with. I don’t know for sure, but I know for a fact many of them were gone after the first day. Based on all my experience and credentials, the workload wasn’t anything new to me except their operation compared to other smaller companies.

I started as a part time employee working 25 – 30 hours. My shift was 5AM to 10AM. I had to go to sleep at 9PM and wake up at 3AM to get ready for work. I had to give up any activities at night in order to get up on time. That didn’t bother me that much since I went out and partied a lot in my younger days. I would go out 3 – 4 days almost every week to clubs or hang out with friends. I was somewhat tired of that scene eventually. I enjoyed going to work because I was working with good employees for the most part. My main problem I had was my work hours since I didn’t live with my parents, and I had to pay my bills. And I couldn’t even work for another job because I was physically exhausted after my morning shift. Moreover, it was damn near impossible to find another job that fitted with my work schedule.

But you better choose carefully

After a couple of months, I decided to move closer to work in order to save money. Then I bought an electric bike in order to not drive my car and save on my car insurance. I knew eventually I had to drive in upcoming winter season. I thought I would probably get a full time position by then based on quality and quantity of work I was putting in compared to most other employees working there. I was doing jobs where it might take 2 or more employees to handle and finish. Managers on the floor probably saw that and said, “Jackpot!”

My workload was not a joke and I came at them like a dark horse. I can bet my money with confidence that most of those managers and employees cannot do what I did everyday. I might’ve needed some help here and there at times, but that was not my fault. I was a beast. People would say if they got the chance, they better keep me if their departments needed that fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor.

Finally, there was an opening for a full time position. Many people applied for it. I gave 100% consistently on daily basis thinking that the next full time position was mine. I was capable of anything and everything. I was really confident about it. But of course, I was wrong. That full time position went to another employee who came from another building not far away because of seniority. That’s when I started to sense that I might had to look for other opportunities outside.

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