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My new position in the building was tied directly to GM’s bonus. The better job I did, GM was going to receive bigger bonus. I understood the concept of my new position, but I didn’t have much technical training. As I began to learn and figure things out on my own, I realized that there was going to be a problem with my performance due to managers and employees who were not on the same page. It was a simple mathematics.

Many employees complained that Rewind was not personable and sometimes very rude. But in reality, he wasn’t that bad because I wouldn’t have hired and keep so many employees who were costing his bonus. I’m sure he was pissed inside even if he didn’t show it all the time.

I was constantly walking around on the floor and keep finding mistakes. I must have saved the building at least $10,000 potential loss from the start. I was lucky to have a South Asian employee who transferred from NYC. He helped with minimizing losses in the beginning by telling me to watch what employees were doing. He was with the company for many years, and I never understood why he wasn’t promoted already into a managerial role. I guess way too much politics.

I was still having some neck and leg pain lingering from hit and run injury. I had to step down from my new position because I couldn’t walk for hours and hours to fix other employees’ stupidities. Moreover, I had to pick up the slack for others at times, and I didn’t even have enough time to do my actual job. I decided to pick my new position in sales department where it wasn’t physically demanding.

This department was supervised under a woman named Martinez who transferred from Miami with Bieber. They both were members of Circle Jerk Nation determined to climb the corporate ladder. Nevertheless, she was a hard worker unlike many others, but she was too emotionally attached to Junkie, Lefty, and others. That’s why we always had problems in our department, and I had to take care of them all the time.

Martinez was different from most of other female employees in the building. She grew up in a different environment with different lifestyle, and many male managers fell in love with her vibrant personality from Miami. Though, she didn’t have figure eight, but her good body shape had chicks in the building envying her.

One morning, Ford who transferred from PA was on the floor played the wall; checking out the fellas, keeping one eye open, still clocking the hoes.
And there was one particular girl, Martinez, that stood out from the rest. She was driving him out of his mind and Ford couldn’t get her big butt and smile out of his head.

When Martinez was on the floor, she couldn’t notice but to notice other male managers noticing her. From across the room, they could see her and couldn’t stop themselves from looking and noticing her noticing them. It was so obvious that these big bumbaclot managers wanted to get her little kitty to purr. As I worked with her closely, I saw that she got that fire by the way that she was walking. Unlike other employees, I only wanted to keep tings professional because I have seen her type before in the past from T dot.

Though Martinez had a boyfriend in Miami, Bieber became very close to her as time went on. And at the same time, Ford couldn’t resist the urge to splurge his sausage with Martinez on the down low. In no time, Bieber and Ford were in full effect. Martinez was spending more time with Ford when Bieber was not around. Beiber and Ford thought she was the best thing in the world. Nobody knew the situation was serious, and it was about to get deadly because love was not together from the heart. They had no idea she was going to drive them right out of their minds and steal their hearts when they were blind. And I had no clue that I was going to witness the greatest love story never told.

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