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About 3 months before my transfer to NY, I was involved in a hit & run while I was on my bicycle. I was excited to transfer, but I was definitely not enjoying the painful situation I was in. I couldn’t go to sleep at night because of my body ache and pain. I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to transfer.

During this miserable time, a phone call hit my eardrum like a slug to my chest. It was a woman named Geller who transferred from a state that’s untouchable like Eliot Ness. She was a senior manager who has been in the game for 10+ years, working goons ever since honeys were wearing Sassoon. She was already in NY with few other managers from other states to assist with the preparation of new building. She eventually transferred to another new building near by within a year for her promotion. We finalized my transfer process on the phone, and only thing left was to wait.

California knows how to party

Once my body was able to move little bit better, I began with my physio rehab process. Except the massages, I didn’t enjoy any of it. I stuck with the plan, and I did my best to be ready for my transfer in time. I knew I wasn’t going to be physically 100%, but I had to go if I was ever going to make a living. Plus, I hoped I would be completely healed by the time when the new building opened.

Month before the opening of the new building, I found myself a new apartment in NY. Then, I drove a van full of my belongings with my buddy from high school. Next day, I went to the temporary office with excitement to introduce myself to new co-workers. I finally got to meet with the GM, Rewind, and Geller along some others from other states. They didn’t know much about me, but senior managers knew that I wasn’t transferring from small time slow BS building.

Where cowards die and the strong ball
eyes wide open hustlenometry

Finally, it was my first day of new building. I was out on full time hour, fresh out of Toronto, New York dreaming. But soon as I stepped on the scene, I was hearing hoochies screaming for help. New hires were fiending for money and promotions. I immediately saw nothing but warning signs. I quickly realized that I was in a dingleberry farm full of dingleberries. I initially thought this had to be some kind of twisted experiment by the corporation. However, it was not an experiment.

I predicted that something bad was going to happen someday with this new building. What I saw and experienced that day was almost complete opposite of where I came from. It was understandable to a certain degree because most of them were new and never worked with the company. However, by looking at the quantity of quality dingleberries, it didn’t take much to figure out that I was not in an ideal situation whatsoever.

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