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It was the middle finger incident that finally drew the line 100% for the corporate. They were okay with everything else but middle finger photos were 100% unacceptable. That had to go. Rewind was immediately relieved from his position because of his brainless underlings, and transferred to another location close by.

There were two things the corporate cared more than anything in this business. One of them was benchmark. Outperforming past results was the name of the game, and some managers were really great at it. They were maxing out their quotas 100% for sure. Their stupidity, laziness, incompetence, nepotism, and debauchery were outperforming 100% every month. Some were definitely marking their asses on the bench getting paid Major League money when they should’ve been in Triple A league or less.

Surprisingly, Geller was different than other managers with mild intellectual disability from the East. She had an ability to unify and motivate mediocre employees in an unique way to achieve her numbers. Without her, the East coast expansion would’ve made much less money for sure 100%. She also had her usual West coast repertoire of bullshit, but I didn’t mind it too much. She was also not a big fan of what was happening in the building, but she was in the circle, so she naturally had to follow the protocol to keep her money train running regardless of how she really felt about the situation.


As for myself, I didn’t give a two f**ks 100% about benchmarks. I knew what it was for, but only thing I gave a f**k 100% about was winning. Winning was my benchmark. That was the only metric that mattered to me 100%.

After Rewind was put in charge of overseeing my department of another location 100 miles away, the competition heated up quickly. Before Rewind’s departure from my building, we were beating the other location by a huge margin for total sales of service programs. We were ahead so much that I thought they never had a chance. As time went on, I decided to slow down my role 100% and let other employees in the department to produce sales 100% while I focus more on other activities.

There’s an answer if you reach into your soul

Towards the end of fiscal year, the other location had almost caught up. I couldn’t believe it. Basically, that experiment helped me realize that I was the only one who was putting up serious numbers on the scoreboard. I was killing it. I was kicking their asses 100%. It was like I was rolling 4, 5, 6 effortlessly more often than not.

When it was 4.2 seconds left in the 4th quarter, when both locations were finally almost tied… and then a hero came along with the strength to carry on. I casted my fears aside, and I knew I could survive. It was a long road when I faced the other location alone. No one reached out a hand for me to hold. So when I felt like hope was gone, I looked inside myself and became strong. And I finally saw the truth that a hero lay in me.

It ain’t over

Regardless of the situation, I had to make 100% sure that I was going to win. The employees at other location probably thought they were the best and they had a 100% chance to beat my numbers. Unfortunately, I let them think that they had a 100% chance by tracking their sales everyday. I wasn’t going to stop. I always knew I’d make it. Even though they player hated, I was still going to make it to the top. I made 100% sure that I gave them the Kawhi’s bounce dagger.

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