Ubisoft, a big video game company, recently faced a crisis which created the division between the management and employees. Many female employees realized that this company was a far cry from a safe and inclusive workplace environment for its employees because watch dogs are also in cahoots.

  1. There is a great chance that HR played a role to cover up these incidents. Rotten leaders usually promote and place individuals in charge who they can easily coerce into changing narratives and doing misdeeds by using promotions and job security. In companies like this, if you complain or raise a concern to HR or open door policy, you will most likely be flagged and whiteballed by the management. They will look at you as a potential threat to their promotions and job security.
  2. One reason why these executives were keep repeating same misconducts such as sexual advances or sexual propositions to many different female employees for a long time is because some female employees went along with the program and got promoted over more deserving and qualified employees in the past.
  3. A lot of times, perpetrators resign because they made a deal with the company with nice compensation packages to avoid much more damages from lawsuits and all other unknown exposures of wrongdoings and corruptions. They can replace these executives, ring leaders, but their handpicked and groomed disciples are still there. Therefore, most likely, there won’t be much of meaningful changes. People will act at first but that will not last long.

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