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If you make a hard decision to work for a reputable established corporations or organizations funded by tax dollars, the key to longevity survival is stand back and stand by. Bigger the corporation, you really need to just stand back and stand by no matter what. Every big organization already has a proven wonderful system in place, so you are nothing but just a number regardless of your experiences, talents and contributions. The mentality is that anyone in lower tier of the organization can be replaced with any Joe Blow off the street. This is why Warren Buffett once said, “I try to invest in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will.”

In big corporations, in many cases, the management does not necessarily care about building the best team and putting out the best product when the operation and overall positive cashflows are on an auto-pilot mode. No matter how the company performs, they will always receive their paychecks until it goes bankrupt in the end. By having that guarantee, it is not an immediate big concern to replace valuable employees with any whack employees. This is also the reason why many unqualified and undeserving employees get promoted over those who actually make positive difference and impact.

Person A is a manager with 20 years of service in the company. Person B is just a young regular employee with 3 years of service. Person A is not necessarily going to care about how the company will perform 17 years later. A is most likely looking at his/her retirement at that point. A is probably just going through the motion after being burnt out for years. There is no reason for Person A to really care about if Person B is going to be still working for the company 17 years later. Person A’s mind checked out, and he/she is just there to buy time and pick up paychecks as long as he/she can. Therefore, Person A is not going to make decisions based on what is truly the best for the company and its future more often than not.

In order to survive and climb the corporate ladder, you must be able to stand back and stand by at all times. There is really no choice if you want to survive and stay in any big corporation and organization. You should not really care about what is right and wrong because that does not matter. Forget about morals, equality and injustice as early as possible once you are in the organization. Your sole focus and mission should be just surviving and receiving paychecks for as long as you can regardless of what is happening around you in the company. If your co-worker gets murdered by another employee, you have to stay quiet, stand back and stand by. If you get raped by your supervisor, you have to stay quiet, stand back and stand by. If your family member gets raped by your manager, you get the idea. If the management tells you to lie in order to corroborate a story, you have to follow no matter what. It is also important to distance yourself from victims for the sake of your allegiance. Always remember that it is not about right or wrong. Your main goal is to survive and stay in the company until you retire after 20+ years.

Sometimes being able to stand back and stand by is just not enough to survive for quarter century of your life in the corporation due to unknown variables. There are many employees in the organization with their own personal or family issues or agendas. One might have a financial problem due to a divorce or a terrible spending habit. Another employee might have an insecurity issue with jealous and envious tendency. There are so many factors that can come into the play. Therefore, you have to learn how to protect yourself and know what to do just in case on top of standing back and standing by. Never stand out and stand up. And especially, never ever stand for what you believe in and what is right, because once you follow that road, you are not going to survive in most big organizations.

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