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Recently, an executive from Utah women soccer club told a photographer to exclude ugly female players on the team for an advertising photoshoot.

  1. I have no university education and MBA, therefore I might not be qualified to talk about business. However, I think this is a classic case of not having the right person in the right position to operate the right type of business. Soccer is not a bikini contest. If the best female soccer player does not get her recognition because she is less physically attractive, then what the f**k is the point to any woman who are dedicating and playing the sport? This executive was thinking like this was a traditional big corporation where physical appearances matters more than merits.
  2. I cannot argue the point “Sex sells.” However, operating any business related to women sports is not like operating a high end strip club. You cannot think like a manager of those establishments. I cannot speak for others, but I do not go to women’s sporting event to spend my money and expect lap dances from pretty looking athletes. That is not how you are going to really grow the sport and the business. Just because you put sexy soccer players on the advertising doesn’t mean more men will watch and spend money into that ecosystem of women sports. There is a very good documentary of Dawn Staley and how she built her University of South Carolina Women Basketball brand. It is called The Playbook and it is a must watch for anyone who wants to be a part of women’s sports industry.

3. This Utah team executive did not understand that not every guy likes sexy women. There are plenty of guys out there who love ugly women too. For instance, I used to work at a big corporation where there were many guys who were into ugly women. I have seen so many managers who would spend hours talking to ugly or well-upholstered women and also promote them because of their personal tastes or fetishes. Whatever floats their boats. Therefore, you cannot just ignore and abandon that market share of men who loves ugly women.

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