According to health experts, Obesity in North America has nearly tripled in past 50 years. This is not just a cosmetic concern, having excessive amount of body fat will most likely lead to other health problems. It is conveniently easy for anyone to become obese in North America because we are practically surrounded and bombarded with the unhealthiest foods. It’s cheap, tasty, and quick.

When I lived in a small town, I had a part time job working at medical facilities aside from working for a big corporation. Though it was a huge college town, it was boring for the most part compared to other big cities I was familiar with. That is one of many reasons why I had a part time work on top of my full time job. While I was working at these medical facilities, I have noticed that there were two main types of patients. One was patients with obesity and the other was patients with physical injuries minus obesity. This discovery made me realize that my diet could play a vital role of my wellness and healthcare cost in the future.

It was not an easy task to go complete vegan in the beginning. However, I have managed it not too bad compared to how I consumed food before I became semi-vegan. I only call it semi-vegan because I do cheat time to time mainly due to my laziness. I have cut down a lot of fast food places. I’ve been cooking at home much more than before after watching Kitchen Nightmares TV shows. Also, my experience from working for a big corporation not too long ago made me cut down on buying processed or pre-made food at grocery stores.

There are managers and hourly employees in big corporations who don’t care much about their jobs. You could tell when you encounter one of them. I used to work with many of those employees. The corporation would have a set of rules for employees to follow, but some of them don’t follow the guideline. The corporation would periodically train employees to not forget what not to do. Nevertheless, some employees simply just don’t care or have a low aptitude. And the funny thing about is that these employees don’t get fired in many cases due to nepotism and etc. That is why when I go to restaurants now, if it looks filthy and dirty all around, I do not go there again. I do my best to check the kitchen and employees before I order anything. I also do not trust meat from the factory only because there has to be some employees who don’t care at the meat factory just like any other corporations. I didn’t completely stop eating meat but I have cut down a lot along with sugary treats.

Whether you are eating healthy or not, obesity will affect your life in workplaces depending on your line of work. If you have a physically intense job and demanding environment, it is important to have a good understanding of who you are working with. Your company most likely will not pay you based on how much weight you process and handle. If you are physically fit and happen to work with other employees with obesity, you might end up with more workloads if you get your job done quicker. In that case, you must pace your work and avoid from getting injured due to putting more workloads of others on your back. Your co-workers with obesity will be most likely visiting doctors regardless of work in the future. However, you don’t want to be visiting doctors because you got injured for picking up slacks for nothing. Helping out others is a noble cause and I commend you for it, but you must keep in mind that they will not be by your side at the hospital paying your medical bill.

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