In 2014, a Costco warehouse manager smothered his subordinate manager to death to prevent her from exposing their secret love affairs.
  1. He most likely had sex with her and promoted her. That was his MO – modus operandi. He was juggling three relationships; 1 outside of work and 2 at work. This happens quiet often in so many companies believe it or not.
  2. Most females who are working at these retail companies and such, they usually do not have other ambition, talents, skills, or intelligence to do something else. You do not hear about this kind of misdeeds from big retail companies in public news unless it is an extreme case such as murders and etc. Most employees look the other way or stay quiet because of money and job security. That is why you saw so many people exposed about what happened in Ubisoft because they had different skillsets that can help them find other jobs much easier than those who work at retail.
  3. Why did he have to murder her? Why did he have to go to that extreme? While he was a warehouse manager which looks like a big position, but in the grand scheme of things, he was just a supervisor of supervisors. He is not really a part of higher echelon. If this affair came to light and made a big issue within the organization, it could cause a big damage to his living arrangements. I do not know his finances and how he got the warehouse manager job, but there is no guarantee that he will keep his position or his job after the exposure. If he lost his job/managerial position and salary that came with it, he would have become just another bald headed dumbass that nobody really gave a f**k. There was no way he was going to give that up. Just because you are a manager at company A does not mean you will thrive and be successful at company B. Some managers get their positions not because of their merits but because of who they blew until their faces turned blue. Having said all of that, he would rather take a risk of murdering someone and cover up his crime.

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