Bully is a documentary about kids who are having difficult times in school or town because of not being able to socialize and fit in. They become targets to bullies just because. In some cases, kids will either commit suicide or hurt themselves physically in the process.

When I was growing up in many different places and going to different schools in North America, I experienced similar type of situations due to being the new kid in town or school. Luckily, I did not get physically harmed by bullies, but I was the person to blame for problems of society due to my skin color not being white. In a small town full of Caucasians, I guess it was easy and convenient to blame me for whatever and just move on. Things changed when I attended a high school in big multi-cultural city in Canada.

Bullies come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether it’s school or work, you will always encounter them. There are so many of them in corporations as managers or supervisors, and they are the worst because your paycheques are tied to your job. In some cases, these managers were actually unpopular kids or losers at schools and became bullies at work when they got promoted somehow. They will use their authorities and managerial titles to test and play games with you knowing or hoping that you are not going to fight back. Therefore, one must learn how to stand your ground and fight back bullies no matter who you are and where you are at. I understand that it is easier said than done to fight back at work because of your job security. That is one reason why you should always strive to put yourself in a position to be able to say “F**k you. I’m out,” and walk away.

There are two ways to go about fighting back against bullies. You can fight back with Gary Payton method or John Stockton method:


Gary Payton Method

GP was one of the best trash talkers in NBA. However, he was more than just a trash talker. He was also regarded as one of the best point guards during Michael Jordan era who could defend, assist and score. He would use trash talking as a tool to demoralize his opponents and alter their games. If you decide to go with Gary Payton method, you have to be witty and creative in order to effectively trash talk and crush your opponents. You also need to know your opponent and understand how the game is played because bullies will most likely try to retaliate after you embarrass them. For that reason, it is extremely important for you to be able to control the surrounding environment of bullies to your advantage. If you take this route, you also need to know yourself and not be afraid of any physical confrontation with bullies. If it is done right, they will most likely stop and try to save their faces. In some cases, they will move from one place to another place where they can conceal who they really are from the public.

John Stockton Method

John Stockton was also one of the best point guards in NBA during Michael Jordan era. He was not a flashy point guard with ankle breaking crossovers, but he consistently performed and put up numbers by using his fundamental skills and high Basketball IQ. According to Gary Payton, John Stockton was one of the hardest to guard because he never paid any attention to Payton’s trash talking and just did his thing on the court. While John Stockton method is the best non-confrontational method, but it might not work against bullies because some of them will keep trying to f**k with you even if you ignore them all the time. The main possible reason for that is because no one ever really fought back and put them in their place.

One sure way to counter bullying is violence. Those who are not really built for it will not bully you again if you kick the $h!t out of them. They will think twice about bullying you after you beat them up. I definitely do not condone or recommend it, but sometimes, that just might be the only way for certain individuals if you want bullying to stop. I am not a violent person by nature, but there were situations where I had to suit up and throw haymakers. I didn’t win them all, but at least, I had a reputation among circles of people. They would tell others not to mess with me because I didn’t take any bullshit from anyone one way or another.

There was an incident when a tall white kid talked shit and made fun of new Asian student at my high school. I don’t know how and why it started. It was probably stupid high school kid stuff. Anyway, this new Asian student was actually a part of street gang. He was actually well known in certain circles of people. One day, he brought a machete in his backpack with the handle poking out. You couldn’t really tell if it was a machete unless you actually opened the bag. He carried that backpack on his back the whole time when he was in the school. And the word got out that the new Asian student was looking for that tall white kid. Many knew what the Asian kid was carrying in his backpack and somebody tipped off the tall white kid. I was too busy minding my own business, so I didn’t really know what was going on until I saw the tall white kid crying and hiding in the corner of an exit passageway of the school. Eventually, nothing really happened. There was no violent encounter and no one got hurt, but the tall white kid never tried that again.

Then there was an incident which involved me when I lend some money to one of my neighborhood acquaintances. He was ducking my phone calls and I didn’t see any signs of this kid paying my money back. When I finally encountered him on the street in front of a grocery store, I told him to pay up or else. Then he sucker punched me in the face and it was immediately broken up by other guys who were around us. The word got out on the street that I got beat up by this guy. He was going around telling people how he beat me up when we didn’t even really fight at all. I couldn’t let this fly like it was nothing because I could become an easy target to anyone from then on. A couple of days later, when I saw him in the staircase of my apartment building, I jump-kicked him in the face right away. As he was being knocked down, I got on top of him and gave him a solid ground and pound for a few minutes. When I got exhausted, I went to my apartment which was two doors down from the staircase to grab a bat. By the time I returned to the staircase, he was long gone. After that, everyone around the block saw what happened to that kid’s face. His face was so bruised up with black eyes. Nobody wanted to start any bull$h!t with me for no reason after that.

Not everyone is cut out to be a fighter. There are people who do not want any physical confrontation at all cost because that is just how they are. There is nothing wrong with being peaceful. In that case, you need to find a bully-buster and ask for help. Bully-buster is a person who will stand by you to fight bullies and expose them for who they really are. Being bullied because you don’t fit in with other popular kids sucks, and it will never completely go away. However, you shouldn’t commit suicide over it because the world is big and you will eventually meet new people who will love you for who you are regardless of popularity.

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