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Recently Amazon.com Inc. agreed to pay $61.7 million in a settlement. Few days later, workers at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, would begin casting their votes to form the first union at one of the nation’s largest employers. You can read more about it link below.

Amazon workers could ‘make history’ with historic union vote in Alabama

“Nothing’s more important than the health and safety of our employees, and we’re doing everything we can to support them through the pandemic,” Amazon Spokesperson Maria Boschetti said in a statement. “In 2020, we invested $11.5 billion in safety measures and equipment in our buildings, including masks, temperature screening, plexiglass shields, sanitizing products, additional cleaning teams, and even an on-site testing program. The fact is that Amazon already offers what unions are requesting for employees: industry-leading pay, comprehensive benefits from the first day on the job, opportunities for career growth, all while working in a safe, modern work environment,” Boschetti adds. “At Amazon, these benefits and opportunities come with the job, as does the ability to communicate directly with the leadership of the company.”

If you actually believe the statement above word for word, you are probably either really naive or delusional. I never worked at Amazon, but based on my experience at a different multi-national corporation, that statement is basically bullshit PR stunt statement. I’m pretty confident this Amazon spokesperson never worked in an Amazon warehouse doing real dirty work.

  • As far as safety goes during this pandemic, Amazon had no choice but to invest in safety measures and equipment in their building in order to continue Amazon’s operation. Amazon didn’t do this because they actually really care about their employees.
  • Industry-leading pay? Personally, I wouldn’t even consider working in Amazon warehouses unless my salary starts at $100K because I want to make sure I didn’t waste my time and sacrifice my body/mind for modern day slavery. Opportunities for career growth? Not knowing exact retirement or resignation dates of managers and other employees, you can’t really go by that vague horrible sales pitch.
  • The ability to communicate directly with the leadership of the company? Communicating directly with leadership of the company may not be a good thing because that might flag you as a potential threat when it comes to keeping their jobs or managerial positions that comes with higher salary.

In my personal opinion, Amazon is just way too big now to see any major positive changes for warehouse employees. It doesn’t matter if you have a new CEO/manager. In order to really fix the issues of Amazon, the company has to do a major overhaul by getting rid of all incompetent individuals from managers to hourly employees. And I don’t think any company of that size would be able to do that.

Since I never worked in an Amazon warehouse, I cannot speak on how bad the working condition is. I could only assume based on my experience with another corporation. However, it’s probably bad if things got to the point where warehouse workers are voting to form a union. If you happen to participate in this procedure, it’s extremely important to pay attention to rules and terms working under a union. I can’t tell you how you should vote because that totally depends on one’s situation and seniority.

There are pros and cons of having a union. I personally am not a big fan of union for a couple of reasons. I would only go along with it if Dalai Lama will be in charge of the union. I may not be the best worker, but I would like to consider myself a decent hard working worker. Therefore, what I’m about to explain is not for lazy unproductive workers. If you are one, then I don’t have much advice to you other than find somebody to latch on to and be the best leech you can be.

  • One of many reasons why corporations are against employees forming a union is because it will drive up labor costs. It will also hinder productivity of day-to-day operation. Contract negotiations will be handled by the union. Plus, it will be really tough or maybe even damn near impossible to fire lazy unproductive employees when necessary. No matter what happens in union, there is one thing that will remain the same, and that is quota. So if you happen to be a hard working productive worker, being in a union might not be an ideal situation. If you are surrounded by a bunch of unproductive workers, the management will do whatever they can to squeeze everything out of you to pick up others’ slack and meet that quota.
  • If you are hard working productive worker with goals and ambition looking for more hours and promotions, there is a great chance that you will not get it because of seniority. There is no guarantee that you will be promoted even if you don’t work under a union. However, if you work under that union seniority system, any scrub with more time in service than you will get that promotion or more hours regardless of who works harder and better. Scheduling will be the same under that seniority system. Therefore, if your seniority is in the bottom of pool, any scrub with higher seniority who doesn’t work better than you will take all the good stuff and leave you with crumbs for who knows how many years.
  • If there is one positive thing I like about union is that you will be protected and represented the right way if there is an issue between employees or/and managers. Unions have labor attorneys who will fight for your case if you need one. So it is going to be much tougher for the management to gaslight or set you up for whatever agenda they might have. That is one of reasons why you pay dues. I personally don’t care for it that much because I know what to do now. After my personal experience in a Fortune 500 corporation, I am much more aware of what some of incompetent managers and scandalous individuals do and what I have to do to defend myself if needed. I studied and analyzed what they did and how it happen the way it did. Then I discussed with many other professionals to understand how I f**ked up in that situation and what I should have done. Instead of paying thousands of dollar for union dues, you can pay me $100 one time and I will tell you what to do from day 1 in order to avoid or counter unforeseen events with the management and scandalous individuals. I wouldn’t share that on here for obvious reasons, so if you are having a situation at work and want to talk, you can message me here.
  • Another positive thing about union is that it will be much more difficult for any incompetent manager to cover up scandals and control narratives in order to keep their jobs or titles. It will be tough to avoid lawsuits and get away if they f**k up for being space cadets. I also like the fact that the management cannot dictate seniority under their discretion. Therefore, if you are working under incompetent management, they will probably do whatever they can to avoid union.

You don’t really need to form an union to negotiate or protect yourself. If every employee of all Amazon warehouses goes on strike and not work for 3 months or maybe even longer, then they will have no choice but to replace everybody or listen to employees’ demands. Replacing everyone with new employees and training them will cost so much more than dealing with a union. If you and your co-workers are built like Cuban links, the management or the corporate cannot ignore your demands. But since so many people possibly f**ked up by mismanaging their finances and don’t have other skills to make money, every employee can’t go on a strike for 3 months. This is one of many reasons why corporations don’t want unions since they don’t want you to have the unity and fight as one.

This horrible working condition claim/complaint could be easily resolved in one simple demand. You demand the company to have all managers of warehouses to stay after each shift to pick up the slack if the quota is not met. And they cannot go home until the quota is met for that shift. Doesn’t this solve everything? Warehouse managers are not going to oppose to this demand since they say there is nothing wrong with their warehouse working condition and environment. Which manager who is loyal to the company would oppose this ultimate cost saving demand?

Union or not, in my opinion, there is not going to be any positive substantial changes for energetic and hard working valuable employees. And if you happen to be one of them with youthfulness and working at an Amazon warehouse or similar environments, you should start learning new skills and thinking about doing something else. Especially, if you are in the bottom pool of seniority, you should really think about getting out of there before it’s too late. In a company of that size, there are so many people with many years in the company who are not retiring any time soon and holding up rightful promotions and compensations of others next in line.

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