Boy meets Girl. Girl perfect woman. That’s how it all starts in the beginning.

A female employee was shot and killed in the Jacksonville Amazon Fulfillment Center by her long time male friend with a domestic relationship.

Who wants that perfect love story? Who wants that hero love that saves the day?

American Murder: The Family Next Door is a Netflix documentary about a man who murdered his wife and children because of his affair with a co-worker.

It is natural to meet someone at your workplace and start developing feelings or love. It happens often and it will always happen in many workplaces as employees spend more time together. I cannot speak for women. But if you are a male, you really need to call timeouts to talk to your dick time to time. You need to talk things over to make sure your brain and dick are on the same page to execute the right play. Your dick does not think and play with logic in many situations. One wrong turnover during crunch time could cost you the game. Since there is no 2-minute warning, it is imperative that you call timeouts when necessary.

I highly recommend not to engage in any close relationships with your co-workers. However, if you must, make sure that you are willing to give up the job and work at another company. If you are a male, you should engage with a woman who you want as a mother of your child in the future. Do not forget that the love has to be mutual and reciprocated. If it is not, move on as quickly as possible. If you can avoid having any intimate relationship at work, you should do just that because it will prevent from having unexpected problems or setbacks.

Never think about marrying for pretty looks, sex and popularity. That is not going to last in most cases and it will only bring headaches down the road. You must remember that physical looks fade eventually and people get old. You have to find someone who you want to grow old together. Most marriages I know that still going after 10+ years are the marriages between high school sweethearts. They know each other very well and the love is pure. They did not have a relationship with each other because of money or sex. They can tolerate each other much better than most people due to knowing each other very well for a very long time.

Money is a common reason for divorce in so many marriages. That is also something you should keep in mind. While nobody suspects money as a motive for smothering the wife to death in American Murder: The Family Next Door, I think it might have played a part subconsciously. Before I break this down, I would like you to understand that not knowing the exact timeline of events, this is just my assumption based on what I read.

  1. Bankruptcy: I do not know exactly why one had to file a bankruptcy when the husband was working for an oil company. It definitely is not a minimum wage job and I assume that it was a solid gig. Not knowing their assets and liabilities, it is difficult to determine what happened financially. However, one thing is 100% certain: Their financial literacy was not the best and they did not know how to manage their finances. And by declaring bankruptcy, I am pretty sure his/her credit was f**ked.
  2. Pyramid scheme: Also known as multi-level or network marketing. Pyramid scheme has been around for years, and its moniker changed in the course of time to remove associated negative images and recruit more victims. Once you get sucked into this type of business, it is very possible to lose everything financially. The wife was in deep with a pyramid scheme company and there is a good chance that she either got a big loan or forced her husband to invest a hefty amount of money to keep going on top of all kinds of bills they had. Many stay-at-home moms think that multi-level marketing companies are a great source to earn extra income, but based on my personal experiences, I strongly advise not to engage in that kind of business. I will talk about my pyramid scheme experiences later on, but if my wife or girlfriend joins a pyramid scheme company when I told her not to, I will break up with her immediately without any hesitation.
  3. Alimony & child support: When the husband finally told the wife about his affair with a co-worker, she most likely said much more than he was not going to see his daughters again. There had to be an emotional conversation and interaction with some kind of anger. Especially, another baby on the way and not having a solid career, the wife was most likely depending on her husband as the bread winner. Having said that, she would have taken him to the cleaners if they had to divorce. I do not know if every state is different as far as alimony goes, but if he had to pay alimony and child support after divorce on top of everything else, he would basically have no money to live the life he would want to live with his new girlfriend.

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