“Cause at least with the word f**k, even though you can’t say the word f**k, you can talk about f**king. Oh, you can refer to f**king, there’s lots of f**k talk going on, on TV, they just don’t call it f**king. That’s the secret, they don’t use that word. There’s plenty of f**k talk. You see people who wrote a book about f**king. You’ll see a guy on a talk show who wrote about a book about f**king. How to f**k, who to f**k, when to f**k, why to f**k and how to feel after you f**k. This man is a f**k expert and he wrote a f**k book……and they’re getting away with it cause they don’t call it f**king. Same with the soap operas, everybody, you take a look at a soap opera, and you know everybody is f**king somebody on a soap opera. And if they’re not f**king somebody, they’re trying to f**k somebody. Will he f**k her, did he f**k her, has he f**ked her, should he f**k her, can he f**k her some more, will they f**k too much, will they get silly from f**king, who is f**king who, that’s all you want to know, is what the f**k is going on, on this program here. You know that somebody is getting f**ked, and you think it’s you.”

George Carlin from Carlin at Carnegie

You Don’t Know What I’ve Been Through feat. TK, J WHY?E, Chief, BX
[Produced by Lama a/k/a Hanzo]