23. I Wanna Sex You Up Anywhere

After all departures and shuffling of employees, the situation wasn’t improving as sales were growing every quarter as usual. In my honest opinion, most of them were not really cut out to work in this company. They had no idea what kind of market I came from and how crazy it could be.

No matter who was promoted, nobody was really substantial enough to change anything. It was like New Jack City. Those who are in charge were terrorizing and abusing good and hard working employees by dangling job security and so on. It was same old shit every day for employees in the building, and it was also business as usual for Ford. With other managers in the love hexagon gone, he was once again on the hunt to satisfy his hunger of lust. And this time it was with another manager named Ashford who transferred from another state in the Northeast.

Ashford was another dangerous woman in my eyes. I had to request her not to come around me out of caution. She was a physically attractive matured woman. She had all the right curves with energetic personality. One good quality that I loved about her was that she knew not to piss me off at work.

When Ashford got promoted to become a manager, she needed someone to assist and show her the ropes with new job descriptions. Ford was always there to help her no matter what on a daily basis. The more time they spent together inside and outside of work, they became closer and closer.

Open up your heart and I’ll set you free

To the tick tock on the clock, workers didn’t stop working. To the tick tock on the clock, Ford and Ashford didn’t stop f**king each other inside and outside of work. He made her feel at home. He has been waiting all night and day. She let him hold her close to him because he has been dying for her to make love to him. She made him feel real good. It felt so right, it couldn’t be wrong. He wanted to do it with his cock out till he clock out. She knew he was hooked on her, and all he wanted to do was… he wanted to sex her up.

Ford wanted to take off all her clothes and disconnect the walkie, so nobody knew. There they were all alone, him and her, in privacy. He wanted to make her dreams come true. She was calling him between her legs loud and clear. He wanted to talk back to her and make love to her.

I bump hard till you say I’m being mean to you

Ashford was hesitant at first, but Ford said,

“We can make love on the bed section, floating on top of a Sealy bed. I’m kissing you and running my fingers through your hair. On top of the restroom, making love away beside the stairs. We can do it anywhere. I can love you in the cooler, both of our bodies freezing wet. On the patio section, we can make a morning you won’t forget. On the kitchen floor as I softly pull your hairnet, we can do it anywhere.”

Ford was too hot to stop, so they were going from the restroom to the baking floor. He wanted to tell her what turned him on. He wanted to know what kind of feeling he brought to her. And if she wanted it, they could do it in red Raymond with the fork down. She got him going, and Ford was fiending like a criminal on lockdown. And to the tick tock on the clock, they didn’t stop. A tick tock on the clock, workers didn’t stop. And all he wanted to do was…

eyes wide open hustlenometry

24. How Will I Know Heartbreaker Ain’t No Fun