32. He Got Game Above The Rim

31. Been Around The World

While I was waiting for a phone call from my new job, the history was in the making. Toronto Raptors finally made it to the NBA Finals after 24 years in the league. I was so excited and stoked. I couldn’t wait to drive up to Toronto to partake in nationwide festival madness and celebrate good times.

Damn, was it something I said?

On my way to Toronto, I thought about my past 5 years and what I’ve learned from the corporate game and hustle among predators and backstabbers.

If a lonely modest woman was a desperate housewife, she was the center of attention in the middle of her divorce, then why was she sexting and gave blowjobs 6 times with thirst?

What was game? Who got game? Where was the game in life behind the game behind the game?

I realized that their thoughts of reparations got them playing with the population. I was a dissident who wasn’t kissing asses. People were used, even murders were excused. Calvin Candie and Stephen in suits didn’t have to jump because the devil took care of making all the rules. While I still had a hundred and one ways to wear my fresh shoes, folks didn’t even own themselves. They were paying mental rent to corporate presidents while struggling in their residents.

The corporate politics of chains and whips got me sick missing chips with the dip and the 2019 NBA championship. I didn’t let a win get to my head or a loss to my heart. What’s love got to do with what I got? It might felt good to have a job or something, but I had to damn the game if it didn’t mean anything.

No lay up, so pay up, ya man lost his bets

It was all about the perception for incompetent managers and scandalous individuals. That was something snakes were really good at. They spelled a Hocus Pocus, so I wouldn’t focus. I only saw what I wanted to see. That was why they wanted to keep every dirt in private behind the closed door. They fooled the public and employees with perception. They had the perfect set up; hiding behind donations to the community and attending church services. And knowing that they were bound to f**k up because of their incompetence or shortcomings, they would frequently hire or promote friends and family who would lie for each other and help with sweeping dirt under the rug.

Regardless of everything that happened, I was finally back again in my hometown. I had a plan to slap the glass while my big man ran the point. If we booked and flipped, we knew money would grip up the fast way. It would be tricky, but snakes couldn’t stick me because I would defeat them on the ball if they tried to get with me. So they would have to keep their eyes glued to the kid with the Spalding. It was like chess, and the blackboard was calling. I had smooth moves, and I didn’t care who was next.

Sports bars and parks were fully packed with people every game. People were cheering every scored basket and defensive play in the game with joy. Everyone was in the mood to party every game night. I never thought I would experience anything like that in my lifetime in Toronto. It was surreal to say the least. This was the perfect timing at the right juncture in my life. I finally quit my job that was going nowhere fast. I was one game away from completing 30 NBA team games on my bucket list, and Toronto Raptors were a few wins away from becoming the 2019 NBA Champions.

2019 NBA Finals – Game 6

The stars were aligned. It was written. Sarah McLachlan sang the anthem. We would remember them. Would they remember us? We couldn’t let this once in a lifetime chance pass us by.

Lowry was on a mission from the jump. It was his redemption of the missed game winning buzzer beater of game 5. VanVleet bet on himself & gave haters shocking daggers. Siakam was spicy as ever. Gasol was not a repeat case of The Dream, Olajuwon. Ibaka and Kawhi were hungry and ready to cook and eat penis. Powell understood the grind. Danny Green was in the room. Jeremy Lin was on the bench and just watched. McCaw was the Underground GOAT 3peat Champ.

Was it nothing but all luck? With injuries of 2 Golden State’s All Star starters, was it just simply pure luck?

I personally didn’t think so.

Did you think it had nothing to do with assembling the right team with the right chemistry and strategy?

Did you think upsetting Milwaukee Bucks with 4 straight wins after trailing behind 0-2 was luck?

The GSW were not defending champions for no reason. Everyone was hurt on both teams at that point in the season. Injuries gave more advantages to the Raptors, but they still had to execute and win.

This championship was bitter sweet because of DeRozan trade. It was a calculated risk. It wasn’t a bad trade by all means, but DeRozan started from the bottom with the Raptors. When the Raptors acquired Marc Gasol without trading Siakam in the deal, I believed this team was a contender for the championship and the best Raptors roster of all time. Haters doubted, but this Toronto Raptors was going to be a contender and a champion under Masai.

Eyes Wide Open Hustlenometry Toronto Raptors Championship Parade

Being Toronto Raptors fanatic and Basketball connoisseur, I had to attend the championship parade because this might never happen again in my lifetime. My all time favorite Raptors moment still was Bargnani trade. When Primo pasta era was finally over, it was the beginning of change.

The city street was packed with people from all over the place. Even most of construction workers were watching the parade route from the top of buildings. Coca Cola truck was giving out free bottled water to everyone under scorching heat. Everyone was cheering on and celebrating for hours with delighted emotions.

When the parade bus with Leonard, Lowry, Drake, and co arrived with the trophy, the place erupted with a loud chant in unison.

“MVP – MVP – MVP – MVP – MVP – MVP!”

As the parade was passing by, I reminisced about countless days and nights I played Basketball and watched Toronto Raptors Basketball at my friend’s house. I wished my brethren, RJ, was still here to witness and experience this jam – jam – jamboree.

We got the trophy like…